To: ????????
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 1:46 PM
Subject: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Urgent

FAO Neil Tuxworth, Castrol Honda Super Bike Team.

Your help is urgently required:

Let me first introduce myself, my name is Lee Reveley and I race a Honda SP-1 in the UK Sound of Thunder Championship ran by New Era.

I am currently sitting second in the championship, only down to sheer determination. My problem, you see, is that I'm running a stock SP-1 in a championship where people are running 160-180bhp ex British Super Bike Ducati 996's - You can imagine how I am having problems !!!

Our final round is just down the road from your base camp (if I remember rightly, you are based in Louth?!), so I was wondering, seeing as Colin has finished for the year now, whether you might be able to lend me his bike for the championship race this Saturday at Cadwell Park. Like I said, its only down the road, and it goes without saying, "If I bend it, I'll mend it!!"..

I should even be able to get you guys some tickets to come and watch, I'm guessing you're pretty bored now that the season is over... and I'm sure my mum will be only too happy to make you guys a cuppa in the paddock...

Take a look at the team website at to see what we are up to....
Anyway I look forward to your response, how many tickets shall I get and do I need to run any special fuel in the bike??


Lee Reveley.
(Well its worth a try isn't it?)

Tel: 024 76?? ????
Mob: 0776? ??? ???

From: Neil Tuxworth
To: Lee Reveley ; ????????
Sent: Wednesday, October 10, 2001 3:00 PM
Subject: Re: YOUR HELP NEEDED - Urgent!

Dear Lee,
Thank you for your email but unfortunately first all our factory machines have been returned to Japan except one machine which is needed for a journalist test. Second no one without HRC's permission is allowed to ride our factory machines and third even if you were allowed to ride the machine we would need around half a million pounds in a bond setting up for possible damage to the machine.
I am sure you can see that this is not possible and therefore all I can do is wish you good luck for this coming week-end.

Best Regards,
Neil Tuxworth.
Race Team Manager.
Castrol Honda.

Neil, thanks for the reply - to be honest I didn't really expect one...

We where having a chat last night about my predicament (The chap chasing me in the championship has soooo much money, he has 3 ex BSB Ducati's !!!) and said...
"Wouldn't it be funny if I turned up with a HRC SP-1" - we then joked about the Castrol Honda truck pulling up outside his awning asking "Can you direct me to Lee Reveley Please?!!"

So I HAD TO send you that email..... Ahhh the dream was nice while it lasted !!!

Thanks for the reply anyway, All the best to the Castrol Honda Team... I know you can kick those stupid Italian machines into touch next year!! -

If Taddy goes back to Japan next season, at least now you know of a local rider who can make the SP-1 work.... :) !!!

All the best...
Lee Reveley (#77) !!