Track Day - Oulton Park 08/08/01

Thought it best to ride here before the Sept meeting. Never seen it rain so hard. The bike stopped halfway round the first lap. Jamie Whitham picked me up in his van. I was hoping to follow him around on two wheels, not four.
Big hand for Tony for binning his R6 on his first trackday, so not minding me ride it in the afternoon to at least learn the track. Thanks mate!

Time to see a professional mechanic to revive the Italian beauty I think?

The day started very badly with horrendous weather and then Tony dropping his bike, never mind - at least the guy was trying, but I think he learn't a valuable lesson that I learn't a few years ago - race guys in the wet who a riding with wet tyres and you are not is going to end up with you in the gravel!

I went OK, for the first time of being there, i hate learning new tracks and have still got about 7 seconds! to shave off my time to be on pace, I'm going to make sure we get at least the afternoons practice before the actual race in September.

Dad had the SP-1 in the steady group and I think he enjoyed himself - he certainly wasn't hanging around!!


Tony Carey - on his First Track Day Ever!
Tony Carey - with the bike on two wheels!
Lee's Dad - Jack on the SP-1
Tony Carey - Getting his knee down (and elbow, and hands and......)
Lee on track
Don't run me over!
Tony Carey - Where's my bike?

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